Learn how to add, manage, and organise your references in Zotero, then cite them in MS Word and create a bibliography.

This online course is for anyone who would like to learn Zotero (pronounced zoh-TAIR-oh), a free tool for managing and citing your bibliographic references. The lessons are designed for complete beginners and I'll walk you through every step with clear instructions, and short videos.

We'll cover topics including:

  • Installing Zotero
  • Adding items
  • Organising your library
  • Searching
  • Creating citations in Word
  • Adding new styles

It should take you no more than an hour to complete the course. By this time you'll be a confident Zotero user and ready to produce perfectly formatted citations and bibliographies.


"Very informative and detailed explanation. Excellent instructor."

"Got a good mastery of Zotero in so little time. The teaching style of the instructor is simple and engaging."

"I liike the way she takes her time and explains things in a very mellow calm, easy to digest way."

"Thanks a lot to Catherine for making this course interesting. It's really so informative. I think it'll help beginners to professionals."

"This is comprehensive and lucid. I spent A LOT more money on books on Zotero, and I could have skipped them: wish I had bought this course first. One of the strong points is that you can actually SEE how things happen."

"For a complete beginner to reference managing software and Zotero in particular this course provides a clear and uncomplicated presentation, explaining the basics at just the right level for the target audience."

"Informative, to the point, very clear and engaging. Perfectly pitched for beginner users keen to learn the most they can about Zotero in 1.5 hours. Highly recommend."

"Having used Endnote for more than a decade I was change averse. But Catherine's well-paced, clear and encouraging instruction has made the switch to Zotero not just easy but appealing."

"Catherine's instructions were very clear and it was great to be able to try things as the lesson went through. I am very glad I did this course. You will be a much more comfortable Zotero user after doing this."

Hello, I’m Catherine Pope

Over the last six years, I've trained and coached more than 3,000 PhD students across 12 universities. Yes, that's a lot! I've also run workshops and created training programmes for supervisors.

I completed my PhD in 2014 at the University of Sussex. After a brief stint as a lecturer, I established my coaching and training business. This means I get to scamper all over the place (not at the moment, obviously) and meet lots of different researchers.

Through my courses, I can share all that experience to save you time and some valuable headspace.